Linda Vater’s Best Tips for Easy Outdoor Living

Mar 7, 2024, 18:00 PM

Linda Linda Vater is best known for designing and executing beautiful outdoor spaces in Oklahoma City, most notably her previous home in the Crown Heights neighborhood and now her new home in historic  Mesta Park. She also tours other striking gardens in her area and brings her social media followers. After designing her own gardens and visiting other’s, Linda has honed in on the gadgets, objects and tips that are most helpful. Here are a few of Linda’s tips:



women in a garden with a shovel looking at flowers

What home gadget or tool should every homeowner own?

I love a lightweight blower. They are great for those who are older and may have challenges with heavy equipment. If it’s battery operated, even better because there aren’t any gas fumes. It is great for quick clean up of porches, decks, garages, and storage sheds without being too powerful or overwhelming to use.


I also recommend every homeowner have multiple pairs of scissors. Scissors everywhere so they are easy to find when needed!


What’s the most underrated tool in your toolbox?

A box opener! We are constantly opening boxes delivered to our door - and some can be very difficult to open. It is great to have a box opener on hand.


Also, my Garden Journal is great to keep a record of what is happening in your garden with the weather day in and day out. This is crucial to planning!



a large garden with pink flowers in front of a house



What are the best ways to blend old and new outdoor furniture and décor?

Consider painting everything the same color for cohesion and unity. You can use paint on metal or wicker furniture, garden ornaments, garden furnishings, etc and use a similar accessory color throughout. Whether new or old, it should match the style and architecture of your home and garden, and your personality.


What’s one outdoor tip for big impact in landscaping or curb appeal?

Go big! Go big in the containers you use. Make a statement. Use various sizes: mama bear, papa bear, baby bear and mix them throughout your landscape. They provide dimension and allow flexibility for what you can plant: trees, shrubs, etc. Larger containers can handle the stressors of heat and cold, and you don’t have to water as much!



woman digging a small hole in a garden


Linda will be speaking on the Fresh Ideas Stage at the OKC Home + Outdoor Living Show presented by Communication Federal Credit Union, Fri. March 22 - Sun. March 24. You can catch her Friday at 2:00 pm and 5:00 pm and Saturday at Noon. Purchase tickets and head to the Bennett Events Center at the OKC Fairgrounds to visit the show!