Ten Tantalizing Halloween Treats

Oct 16, 2015, 19:14 PM
Halloween will be here soon (seriously, where did October go?) and we can’t wait to celebrate! If you’re hosting a spooky soiree this year, read on to discover some terrifyingly tasty treats you should serve up at your shindig. Ditch the tired lady fingers bit and try some of these ghoulish gourmet goodies instead. Yum!

Yummy Mummies
– Not only are these sweets super cute, their white chocolate mummy exterior hides a pumpkin cheesecake interior! And the best part? No baking required!

Image via Creme De La Crumb

Fang-tastic Cookies – These snacks are a snap to make! All you need to make these cute chompers is cookies, red icing, marshmallows, and almonds.

Monster Mash Cupcakes – They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. These cupcakes have got lots of eyes, and we must admit they look beautiful to us. I mean really, is there a better way to get your little ones in the Halloween spirit than with some adorable cupcakes?
Franken-krispies – Frankenstein had a mob run him out of town, and we’re sure you’ll attract one too if you serve these. The difference being that yours will love these monstrous treats!

Wicked Good Bark – This melted witch bark will have everyone calling you Glenda the Good Witch. There’s nothing like this treat, there’s nothing like this treat, there’s nothing like this treat.

Image via Lil Luna

Spooky Slices – There’s nothing tricky about this treat! No nuts, gluten, or soy! It’s a healthy snack that’s perfect for Halloween. So if you’re trying to curb your sugar intake, this is a must-serve!

Image via Fork And Beans

Howlin’ Owls – We think these cute cupcake toppers are a hoot (pun intended!). A peanut butter cup, Oreo, candy eyes, and an orange chocolate (think M&M or dyed almond) come together to create this wonderful winged creature.

Image via Inside Bru Crew

Wonderful Webs – These pretzel webs are a bit complex to make and are a little on the messy side, but they’re also totally adorable and just what your party needs!

Image via Five Heart Home

BOO-tiful Biscuits – Halloween doesn’t have to be all gruesome gore and blood, sometimes it’s better to go sweet over spooky. We’re think these cookies are just darling and would love to see them as part of someone’s party spread!

Image via Pop Sugar

Marvelous Milkshake – This candy corn milkshake will bring all the trick or treaters to your yard!

Image via Kara's Party Ideas

We hope these recipes add a little spice to your Halloween party. If you make any of these tasty treats don’t forget to share shots of your creations with us on Twitter and Instagram!