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Company Description:

I have large dogs (rottweilers to be exact) and started making my own collars because it’s so hard to find something attractive, yet affordable for large breed dogs. After creating collars for myself and my friends, I started KWKollars for doting pet parents just like us.

•Our collars are made with quality woven cottons, lined with a heavy interfacing center for stability
•We use nickel plated hardware and welded D rings

•We offer two styles of collars:

◦A traditional collar, with a side-release plastic buckle in a coordinating color
◦Martingale collars, which are a great choice for pet parents whose dogs have learned how to slip out of their collar. They include a loop that the leash attaches to causing the collar to tighten behind the ears when the dog pulls. This feature has made the martingale style collar a great training tool as well! The dog gets a mild correction when pulling without the risk of pain or damage that can be caused by some corrective collars. All of our martingale collars include a buckle for easy off/on. No more having to slip it over your dog’s head.

- We also offer step in harnesses which are not only user friendly but also keep you from having to slip it over your dog's head, which is really offensive to some dogs.
-New to our product line are hand dyed rope leashes. Our rope leashes are made from 100% American Made cotton rope. Since these are hand dyed by us each one is a unique creation!
-We even offer you hand made leash holders for your home to hang your new leash on.


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