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Collars by Momager

Collars by Momager
Yukon OK
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Company Description:

Hi folks,
My name is Dena, but if you follow my dog Petey @tripodpetey you'll know me as his ( Momager - Mom/Manager ).

The full reason this shop exists:

I began Collars By Momager with one goal in mind, raise a bit of extra money to pay for my 3 legged pitbull therapy dog's daily medications and future medical treatments.

This very special boy ( Tripod Petey ) was crushed by a vehicle at about 4 mth. old outside Chandler Oklahoma. He had multiple injuries but the most obvious was to his left rear leg.

I adopted him post surgery & began the rigorous rehabilition process and immediately began training him to be a therapy dog.

He became certified as an official therapy with Alliance of Therapy Dogs 12 mths later, in June of 2018.

Unbeknownst to me was the damage his left hip, left hock, and spinal cord had also suffered. The first 1.5 years those issues were minimal, but have grown increasingly worse over time as arthritis has set in.

He has now had 3 major surgeries to help improve various issues with his mobility. As he ages his mobility problems will NOT IMPROVE. He just turned 6 on Feb. 14th, 2023.

I am a single Mom to an amazing almost 20 yr. old daughter & our 6 pets = 2 cats, 3 dogs, one turtle. All are rescues and all have " issues" or special needs.

I offer 2 different types of pet neckwear.

1) A non-adjustable collar, which must be measured to slip over the head.
2) A break-away non adjustable necklace.

New Products

I will have several pre-made collars for sale during the show. I also will be taking orders for specific designs and sizes.

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